Takeshi Uchibayashi Exhibition

"What do you think when you see the moon"

4/8 sat - 4/30 sun 2023

Look at the moon and know the flow of time and the change of seasons.
When I look at the moon, I wonder if that person in a distant place is also looking at the same moon.
This time, I created a new window and door where you can meet the moon.

We hope that you will enjoy the fantasy world that is deeply embedded in each piece.

Takeshi Uchibayashi / Profile
Born in Tokyo in 1967. An artist creates and presents objects with themes such as the city, stars, time, and memory.



3/11 sat - 4/2 sun 2023

I will exhibit the works I have drawn so far with the theme of "story".

This time, unlike the usual exhibition works, I will exhibit a large size giclee print.

We hope that you will enjoy the fantasy world that is deeply embedded in each piece.


Akira Kusaka

Illustrator / graphic designer. Living in Osaka.

He works on illustration as well as graphic design.

He also presents his works at exhibitions such as solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.

The production of the picture is produced only in Photoshop.

Also active as a unit "repair" of pictures, sounds and words.

Responsible for painting and trombone.


instagram @akirakusaka_official


1.14 sat - 3.5 sun 2023

I couldn't be anything, but I became myself
We will exhibit and sell new original drawings and past works.
Please sleep splendidly in the richly colored hell.




An illustrator who continues to draw the cutest girls in the world.

Draws illustrations with a unique method of self-projecting into characters created based on fetish kawaii.

In addition to solo exhibitions in Japan, he has also held exhibitions at galleries around the world, such as "KIBUN" in Berlin in 2011 and "GG BOT FESTIVAL" in Amsterdam in 2012, and has been highly acclaimed both at home and abroad.



12.17 sat 2022 - 1.8 sun 2023




Kentaro Tomozawa


 Characterized by bold soft lines and colors,

Book illustrations, magazine illustrations, goods, posters,

Active in a wide range of fields including window painting.



Maiko Yoshizawa Exhibition "Re:REFRECTION"

11/5 tue- 11/20 sun 2022


Based on the theme of "how to create hope",

she creates works using mineral pigments and acrylic paints with a narrative on the screen.

As a motif, she treats the human body and organs,

and expresses the possibilities of the body and mind by depicting how they metamorphose into various things.

In addition to creating paintings, she is also active as a body painter for performances and stage performances.



Yoichiro Ito Exhibition "NEWFACE 2022"

10.15 sat - 10.30 sun 2022


This exhibition will be the latest works in the "NEWFACE" series, which can be called a lifework that has continued since the first solo exhibition.

A style that captures the individuality and expression that emerges from the painting itself by layering layers of drawing and scraping, erasing and drawing.

The colors and lines that I have chosen to guide me, and the colors and shapes that emerge from the accumulation of work based on my intuition, can be called a metaphor for the accumulation of joy and error in daily life, and the current location of people and history.





Yoichiro Ito


Born in Gifu Prefecture in 1970.

He started his musical activities with a sampling-based style while he was a student at Tama Art University.

Natural Essence, AKAKAGE, etc.

He has released a number of Produce, Remix works, and DJ MIX CDs under his own name both in Japan and overseas.

On the other hand, the painting that suddenly woke up around the fall of 2018 has continued to draw his work ever since.

At the end of 2019, his first solo exhibition NEW FACE was held at Harajuku kit gallery and received high acclaim.

He continues to create his works with his unique style of composing and painting at the same time.

At the "Tiny Art Shop Exhibition" (Mishuku Kongtong) held in August this year, almost all of his exhibited works were sold out, and his career in the painting industry is also accumulating.

In terms of music, this fall (11/9), AKAKAGE will release a 7-inch album "Onna ni Natte Naoshiyo/Moonlight" (delivered on 10/19), a project with Carmela, Nakano Aya, and Robo Sora. Next year, a movie in which he participated as a painter in the play will be released, and many projects are underway.


Yuina Wada Exhibition "Healthy Body"

9.17 sat - 10.9 sun 2022


Now I'm in front of a person who has critically ill, then I think anything else which I had been wondering is not important.

Because I cannot tell him/her any topic how to live.

For him/her, how to live is just if medical will be succeeded. Now.

I feel there is nothing if I tell anyone any topic what doesn't reach him/her who is in front of me.


I wrote "in front of me" but that's figurative expression.

In reality, there is a wall in front of me. There is the person beyond that.


Physical illness lives in one person.

As you know, "Infection prevention" is done by emphasizing that each person has each body.

Make a wall between us and don’t see each other. Until he/she will get well.

Really Lonely

But no choice, loneliness is inferior to physical illness.

If I am busy feeling lonely, that's probably why I have "Healthy Body".


After all, I am healthy and Now I just see the wall and believe that he/she is alive beyond that.




Yasuhiro Tsutsumi, Masakiyo Hamasaki exhibition
"As it is."

7.23 sat - 8.14 sun 2022


Yasuhiro Tsutsumi

Born in 1967.
I live in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
My art shifted from concrete to abstract expression from 2008.
I start by layering colors.
Overlapping colors trigger my thoughts and lead to memories.
If the piece doesn’ t sync with what I see in my head, I scrape the unmatching colors off. I repeat this simple act silently. Then suddenly, something never seen before appears. Like these pieces that seemingly come into being on their own,
unduplicatable things will naturally manifest over long periods of time.
The pieces are reflections of fragments in my memory and you can almost touch it.

Masakiyo Hamasaki

The artist draws things around his daily life as if he keeps a journal.
He applies both representational and abstract ways of drawing by using a variety of materials.


 Yurie Sekiya Exhibition 「MAKE UP GIRLS」

6.4 sat - 6.26 sun 2022


 Yurie Sekiya

Born in 1987 and lives in Tokyo.

Graduated from the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University in 2010.

An illustrator with big glittering eyes. She mainly draws animals and girls in analog and digital. She is active in a wide range of fields such as apparel, character design, and goods design.



Oritakei exhibition 『the eve』

5.7 sat - 5.29 sun 2022

This exhibition is the eve of the solo exhibition to be held at Brooklyn,New York on July 29th to August 4th.
For the exhibition, we will challenge the production that exceeds F30 on average, and it will be the time to show off the carefully selected works in advance.
These works are several times larger than the original drawings I made before. We hope that the space will be unique, fresh and spectacular.


Takeshi Uchibayashi Exhibition "What I liked back then and now"

4.9 sat - 5.9 sun 2022

This exhibition is different from the usual gallery, and the works are installed in the show window facing the street.

Unlike visiting the gallery to see the exhibition, it is likely that people who pass by while commuting to work, going to school, taking a walk or shopping will happen to see it, that is, it is better to come into contact with Takeshi Uchibayashi's work for the first time.

I think it's the majority, and I'm making this kind of work.

I chose some different types of works that I could introduce myself to.

Then, I saw "old doors," "gears," "full moons," "shining stones," "galaxies in boxes," and other "things I liked back then and now."

It would be great if you could remember "then" with a small work that you suddenly saw.

Takeshi Uchibayashi

After working in various fields such as design companies, TV station props, store interiors, event / CM / magazine art, he is currently active as an artist who creates three-dimensional works from materials such as wood, metal, and electrical parts.

He presented his new objects at exhibitions on the themes of city, machine, space, memory and time, as well as at national and international art fairs.

Born in Musashino City, Tokyo in 1967



”Yoroshiku paradise in show window”

3.15 tue - 4.3 sun 2022

She will exhibit new works drawn while imagining the colorful world seen through the show window.




2.15 tue -3.9 wed 2022


―Depict the lonely "mind" and "body" placed in an uneasy time. ―